Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit in a room?

Our games are designed for 4-8 players at a time, but we are able to do special group bookings upon request! We also welcome (and encourage!) larger groups to book with us, and we are more than happy to accommodate special requests. Just contact us!


No, because that's rather frowned upon by fire safety codes! If you must leave the room at any time during your game, of course you have that option. But the clock will not stop ticking, and so we encourage you to use the washroom before your game begins!

What makes us different than other escape games?

The explosive popularity of Escape Games (or Escape Rooms, or Puzzle Games) across Canada in just the last few years has resulted in a surge of new locations opening very quickly. We think this is great, because we love escape rooms, and are excited to have more options to choose from!

That said, Little Chicago Escape Room prides itself on being one of the best escape room experiences Western Canada has to offer. With our backgrounds in theater and film production and technical innovation, our team recognizes and appreciates the elements that make an escape room experience truly memorable.

  • Our attention to detail results in an experience that feels immersive and authentic. We've built each room from the ground up, giving us the creative liberty to hide all sorts of secrets and surprises!
  • Our pulse is in tune with Moose Jaw’s unique character, and we've designed our themes with respect to the history and mythology that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to our city every year!
  • We are passionate and community-minded! We started this enterprise because we love our city, have a passion for storytelling and a strong desire to add something unique and exciting to people's lives.

What ages are your rooms appropriate for?

While some of our rooms deal with scary or frightening themes, and are recommended for ages 12 and up, our "Mr. Capone's Office" will always remain accessible and appropriate for all ages! Bring your families and let them explore the all the props, nooks and crannies they can find!

Can I book my staff event or birthday party in your rooms?

Of course! We are happy to not only provide a team-based event structure for larger groups, but in the future we can also license our lounge for the occasion! We are flexible even outside of regular opening hours. Please contact us to get something set up!

Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, because of our location in the basement of an older building, at this time we are only accessible by stairs. We apologize for any inconveniance this may cause!