Little Chicago Escape Room invites you back beneath the streets of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, for a real life escape adventure you won't soon forget! You and your friends have only 60 minutes to find the clues,
solve the puzzles and find the secret tunnel in order to escape! Up for the challenge?


Basically, we lock* you and up to seven others in a room and challenge you to use your wit, creativity and instinct to find your way out! By blending puzzle design with the art of theater, our rooms are carefully crafted to give you a highly immersive and entertaining experience!

What should we expect?

After booking one of our rooms, you will be greeted in our lounge by one of our friendly staff members who will give you a proper introduction to the story you are about to partake in. You will then be led into your room and left there to discover the rest for yourselves! (Don't worry, there'll always be a way to receive hints if you are stuck!)

*Want to know more? Read our FAQ!


Mr. Capone's OFFICE

In Moose Jaw's earliest days, a certain Annie Hoburg was notorious for smuggling illicit alcohol into the city! You've been recruited to help. But the moment the door of Mr. Capone's office closes behind you, you realize that something is terribly wrong. Can you find the secret tunnel escape before the police show up?

A Night at the river street motel

You have been asked to meet with a reporter to discuss a string of disappearances in the area. Upon arrival, things take a turn for the worse when you become locked inside his room. You soon realize the horror that will befall you if you fail to escape. Can you find the way out before he comes back?


Black out

Leaving your car with a flat tire at the side of the road, you walk through the thunderstorm towards the motel sign lit up in the distance. The unusual motel proprietor helps you get checked in when suddenly all of the lights go out. Alone in your room you start to wonder how many other unlucky travelers have been here before you...



Stay tuned for the opening of new rooms!



CHILDREN (5-10): $15.00*

ADULTS (11+): $25.00*

Children under 14 must be accompanied in the escape room by an adult.

Want to book a group of 30+ people? Contact us today for rates!

 *Prices subject to tax

Questions? Please contact us, we would love to help!

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361 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 0W2

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If you are trying to book for a time that you don't see available, please call 306-513-8885.

We apologize but we are not wheelchair accessible at this time.